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We are a parish that seeks to bring people to faith and welcomes those who already have faith or who are on a journey to faith. The only qualification for being part of this community is that you wish to join us. We believe that God offers love unconditionally, and it is not our place to set conditions on belonging. This is not a policy that we have set down, but it is the way we act. In this spirit we don’t judge people’s uncertainty and hesitancy, and we recognise that life throws up doubt and questions that may have no easy answer.




We have two churches with two distinct, but equally valued, styles of worship. St Thomas à Becket, Church Street, offers traditional services on a Sunday morning, at 8am twice a month and 10.30am every Sunday. St Matt’s, Widcombe Hill, offers contemporary worship on Sunday evenings at 5pm. There is some overlap between the congregations and one Parochial Church Council, which helps to shape the life of the churches.