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  • Summer 2015: Martha and Mary

    10/5/15: Martin Geake talks about the importance of our relationship with God. Luke 10:38-42 & John 15:5-8  

  • Summer 2015: God’s plans for us

    12/7/15: Jane Mitchell talks about God's plans for our future

  • Summer 2015: Jesus feeds the five thousand

    26/7/15: Imogen Adderley talks about Jesus feeding the five thousand and how we can both give and receive in our own lives. John 6:1-14  

  • Autumn 2015: Living as family

    6/9/15: Sarah Buckley looks at what living as God’s family really feels like in practice. Colossians 3:12-14    

  • Autumn 2015: Heart for the poor

    13/9/15: Tim Buckley preaches about the current refugee crisis and living a life worthy of our call as Christians. James 2:1-17    

  • Years Previously: The Passover and the Plagues

    This sermon talks about the God of Moses and the gods of the Egyptian people and their judgment and downfall.

  • Years Previously: Share the heavy load

    This sermon talks about burnout, good leadership & delegation

  • Years Previously: Fit for Purpose – Worship

    Tim underlines that humanity was designed to worship God, and asks the question: as Christians are we fit for purpose - are we living a holy and sanctified life?

  • Years Previously: Prayer and the Father Heart of God

    This sermon talks about prayer, relationship with God, knowing Abba, “Papa” as our Father. Luke 11.5-13