How, why and whodunnit…

I wonder whether you were one of the eleven million viewers who watched Jed Mercurio’s recent BBC series ‘Bodyguard’? Assuming, then, that you might perhaps be one of nine people who didn’t get drawn in: Richard Madden was bodyguard to Keeley Hawes’ home secretary, with every imaginable peril, plot twist, conspiracy theory and potential bad egg lined up over six long weeks of agony, in this ‘How, Why & Whodunnit’ rollercoaster! There might have been a cliché or two, but seemingly the mixture of politics, high drama, love, lust, good & evil, heroes and villains, rescue, romance, pain and hope are ingredients that captured both a nation’s interest and heart.

…And, amazingly, that being the case, it makes me think of the Bible! The word ‘Bible’ itself comes from the Latin and Greek words meaning ‘book’, a fitting name, since the Bible is the book for all people, for all time. It’s the world’s best-selling, most printed, most distributed and most translated book. It is simply like no other, it’s in a class by itself.

A collection of 66 books, written by about 40 authors, in three different languages over a period of some 1600 years, put simply – it is God’s love letter to humanity and details the account of God’s action in the world, and his purpose with all creation.

It covers an astonishing variety of literary styles and, like all great reads, provides stories about epic battles and journeys, introducing us to the lives of a multitude of heroes and villains. As the greatest bestseller of all time, it deals with sex, money, love and loss and every temptation and dilemma that faces the human heart. It pours forth lyrically, historically and deeply empathically taking the reader on an extraordinary journey from beauty, through turmoil and loss, through sacrifice, redemption and restoration to the triumphant conclusion – bit of a spoiler – good overcomes evil, love wins!

So, better than Game of Thrones, better than Midsomer Murders, better even than classic episodes
of Morse, this autumn, why not lose yourself in the greatest story ever told… a road map for the perilous journey of life – The Bible.

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