St Matt’s and St Thomas à Becket churches rely on the financial support of their congregations to fund their ministry and outreach and help support other Anglican parishes through the Parish Share system. In light of this, we encourage everyone who considers themselves part of our church family to give as they are able and called.

Giving is, of course, not just about money, but we are enormously grateful for God’s financial provision through His people in this parish.

It’s a depressingly common criticism of churches, especially ones that seem to have giant thermometers outside, or with boxes rattling under visitors’ noses, that they’re “always after people’s money”…

So here’s our first qualification: If you’re not a Christian, then relax! We’re not after your money – we’re really not expecting you to give.

The reality is that voluntary giving by Christians is God’s way of providing for His Kingdom work, and God wants people to give, not under compulsion, but voluntarily, willingly and dare I say, even cheerfully!

This being the case, voluntary giving is therefore a fundamental part of discipleship following Jesus.

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It’s perhaps a telling fact that there are in fact far more verses in the Bible about money than there are about things like faith or prayer. It is the second most talked about thing by Jesus.

Perhaps God wants to underline to us that the way we handle our money has an important effect on our relationship with God?

With this in mind, we as church make no apology for talking about money, and inviting everyone who is part of our church communities to consider their financial support towards the church as part of getting involved.

We believe that all things, including our money, are a gift from God and we are called, in turn, to give, generously, both to the work of the local church, but also to other areas of mission and ministry.

Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 9 about being generous, and the many benefits of giving. He sets out at least five principles for how we should give:


Regularly – at set times, weekly, monthly, yearly

Individually – everyone is invited to participate

Systematically – through thoughtfully planned giving

Locally – with a primary commitment to the local church

Joyfully – not reluctantly or with compulsion but freely.


If you would like to speak to someone further – in strictest confidence – about giving, please contact the vicar, one of the wardens or Mark our treasurer.


Registered Charity No: 1182372

Some ways you can start giving:

Standing Orders

Today there are all sorts of easy ways to help us give regularly: Direct Debits and Standing Orders are really helpful in this. You can set up a regular standing order either weekly, monthly or for any other period, by downloading a Standing Order form here.

Weekly collections

A collection plate is available during each of St Thomas a Becket church services. Some people prefer to give in this way, although we encourage everyone who can, to gift aid their donations using the gift aid envelopes also available in church. If you like giving weekly, we can provide weekly envelopes to help you plan your giving. Contact our treasurer or a St Thomas warden to arrange this.

One-off gifts + gift aid

You can make gifts via cheque, CAF or Stewardship website, making any cheques payable to ‘”Widcombe PCC” at any time. Please, if at all possible, gift aid your donation by completing and returning a Gift Aid Declaration. This can be done for all forms of giving as long as it is possible to identify that the donor is you.